Die neueste Version Rosita Engine 1.1 ist fertig!

Rosita Engine 1.1

The new version of Rosita Engine is ready.

Dear All,

first of all, thank you for your patience and for the valuable assistance that your messages brought to us. We cannot answer to all, but we highly consider all your comments.

Now, automatic upgrade.

It is not easy to launch an application when Apple changes its operating system…

It is for this reason that we have made many updates lately.

Starting with « Rosita Engine 1.1 », updates will be, directly, done from our application.

The 1.1 version is therefore the last update you will need to do manually.

We have also resolved some buggs.

Music start-up latency.

Music start-up latency is now fixed. It will remain constant regardless of the given orders.
(3 to 6 s)

This delay is normal, as with any engine treatment, few seconds are useful to analyse and process information. We will continue to work to reduce this start-up latency as much as possible.

This new version of « Rosita Engine » has, also, been improved in many domains, Flow, Musicality and Precision. We are waiting for your comment 😉

Please download Rosita Engine 1.1 and… Enjoy your Music !

Dan Bellity & La Rosita Team

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