La Rosita Plugin Part2

The ROSITA plugin can also upsample your Music. You just have to select sampling rate in the pop-up menu.

When you click on the menu «choisir la Rosita», a window  will appear enabling you to select your Rosita ; you must ensure that the usual popup to select your distant speaker (at the bottom of the iTunes Page) MUST  is set on the «computer» position. It is the ROSITA plugin which drives the WIFI card of your computer to work at the maximum possible speed .

Here is my own setup (image 1).

As you can see, I do not use the upsampling  feature (notwithstanding the quality of the upsampler).  But if you want to use this feature, you can upsample your Music up to 192kHz (image 2).

When the upsampling feature is selected, a red «S» will appear next to the Yellow Rosita menu bar po-pup.


please see demonstration on this YouTube video: